Quality & Qualification

World-class supply chain management assures high quality and responsibility

The advanced Marohn supply chain management system, which is based on quick response to customer needs, includes planning, procurement, manufacturing, logistics, and customer complaint handling, etc. Everything is done to retain customers and meet their demand to build a “Happiness” supply chain, a supply chain that satisfies customers, which is the core business philosophy of Marohn TK Elevator.

The team of senior industry experts, based on the company's strategic and rational planning, select the industry's best materials and components suppliers to ensure the procurement of cost-effective materials and components through strategic cooperation and information management systems and achieve triple win of quality, cost and efficiency through refined manufacturing management and the most advanced equipment in the industry. Logistics includes two steps, modularized platform and shipping platform, to meet the delivery demand of more customers in the most flexible way. Supply and logistics strategic partners help Marohn turn the handling of every customer complaint into an opportunity to improve customer loyalty.

Marohn TK Elevator is equipped with industry-leading equipment in every process, laying a solid foundation for high efficiency and excellent

quality. Equipped with all process shops for tractor manufacturing, control cabinet manufacturing, door machine manufacturing, spray painting workshop, laser cutting, escalator production, etc., full modular manufacturing can be implemented, making Marohn TK Elevator a true “one-stop” solution provider.

The supply chain management team consisting of industry elites optimizes the manufacturing system with the mature production management model, eliminating the inefficiencies common to “one-stop” manufacturers. Thanks to the total control of each core process, we have achieved a satisfactory level in quality control, cost optimization and customer response.


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