WE GET HOME | Marohn TKE Engineering Training Conference was grandly held
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The year of Matohn TKE is a new year, and the safety and quality of Mann Lift will start a new chapter!

In order to implement the national safety laws and regulations, industry norms and standards, to further clarify and implement the work layout and business requirements of the new strategy of Marohn TK Elevator, and to comprehensively improve the professional ability of elevator engineering safety and quality management across the country, the engineering training conference of 
Marohn TK Elevator was held in Xiamen, Fujian Province, with the theme of WE GET HOME, on March 5th to March 7th, 2024, which was held in Xiamen, Fujian Province, with the theme of WE GET HOME.


At present, it is the key point of the new year's work and the key time for the deployment and implementation of elevator engineering management, and the organization of this special training fully reflects Marohn TKE distinctive attitude of being highly responsible for the safety of elevator engineering work and its firm determination to pay constant attention to it.

All business units and partners across the country should take this training as an opportunity to combine their work with their own positions, and effectively transform the learning results into a powerful driving force and strong synergy to grasp elevator safety management and practice the main responsibility of safety, so as to make a steady progress and start a good game for realizing a good start and a good step for achieving double development and double harvest of elevator business and safety and quality in the whole year.

Mr. Geng Jianliang, an expert, gave a keynote training on the topic of "Construction Site Safety Management". Through in-depth analysis of several recent cases of vicious accidents that shocked the elevator industry, combined with traditional Chinese wisdom to draw out the "Dao-Fa-Jutsu-Technique-Ware" of elevator safety management, combined with national laws, regulations and industry standards, he explained in depth why it is necessary to strengthen on-site safety management, and why it is important to strengthen on-site safety management. Combined with national laws, regulatory requirements and industry standards, he explained why and how to strengthen on-site safety management, as well as the core control points that should be paid attention to on-site high-risk safety management.

Expert Geng Jianliang especially emphasized that the construction of safety and quality culture is a long way to go, from the management's leading by example, to the supervision of site management personnel at all levels, it is necessary to make a concerted effort in order to build a good safety and quality culture, and to firmly establish the staff's awareness of safety and quality, so as to improve the safety and quality management level of the whole company and even the whole industry.

Liu Weiliang gave a wonderful lecture on the topic of "Safety Behavior in Brief". By analyzing the common safety behaviors of 5 vicious accidents one by one, he introduced the advanced concept of "hazardous energy control", behavioral interference model, Bradley model and ISO45001 management system operation mode. Zero energy state refers to the elimination and/or control of hazardous energy sources to avoid danger. Liu Weiliang emphasizes the importance of identifying all sources of hazardous energy before any operation is carried out to ensure that personnel are safe and secure in the "zero energy state".

The various functional departments of Marohn TK Elevator gave lectures on the topics of "On-site Safe Operation Management", "Old Elevator Renovation Program", "Experience of Adding Elevators to Old Buildings", "Introduction of the Whole Series of Product Lines", "Feedback and Quality Improvement of Worksites", "Installation and Sales Procedures & Installation Control Processes", "Analysis of Common Problems of Elevator and Escalator Debugging", and "Workshop of Engineering Safety Management", and so on.

At the meeting site, the participants, through the well-organized case analysis and discussion and comprehensive and vivid thematic lectures, further improved the ability of elevator safety hidden danger investigation and management and scientific prevention of safety accidents, enhanced the sense of responsibility and sense of mission of elevator engineering safety management, and provided a strong guarantee for the safety and quality management of elevator engineering of Mann-Long-Thi Sunrise in 2024.

Mr. Lu Yaning, president of Marohn TK  Elevator, expressed his heartfelt thanks to the elevator engineering partners who came to attend the special training meeting, and hoped that all the participants would seriously study the relevant business topics around engineering construction and safety management, and creatively carry out the work and implement the work with high executive power around the work objectives and specific tasks related to the elevator engineering management in 2024, so as to enhance the level of elevator engineering safety and quality management, project performance profitability, site performance profitability, and site performance management, and provide strong guarantee for the elevator engineering safety and quality management in 2024. project fulfillment profitability, and improve site delivery performance and customer satisfaction.

May all the safety to home, all run to the happy reunion.

See you in 2025!

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