Crowned with Honors | Mannotti Rising Wins Double Awards
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On March 22, the 5th Elevator Industry User Preferred Brand Award Ceremony hosted by Sail Media was held in Shanghai, with more than 300 representatives of industry elites, experts, scholars and mainstream media attending the event. At the ceremony, Marohn TK  Elevator was fully recognized for its hardcore strength and won two awards, namely, "2023 Elevator Industry Trustworthy Elevator Brand" and "Household Elevator Creative Design Product".

In recent years, the rapid development and enhancement of the comprehensive strength in brand upgrading, product innovation, transformation and maintenance, after-sales maintenance and other comprehensive strengths, so that Marohn TKE Rise has always been in an advantageous position in the selection, and ultimately won the double awards.

As a leading elevator brand in the industry, Marohn TK  Elevator creates elevator industry benchmarks with its hundred years of accumulated innovative experience and the craftsmanship of excellence. Its products adopt stringent German design and manufacturing standards, which are safe, reliable, excellent in performance, green and energy-saving, and can be highly customized. During the nearly 15 years of deep plowing in China, Marohn TK  Elevator has deeply participated in the urbanization construction in China, and contributed to many classic projects in public buildings, industrial parks, residential buildings, hospitals and other market areas, which are well recognized and loved by the market.

Marohn TKE Home Lift is the first company in China to introduce the architecture concept of Germany's leading automobile industry into the home elevator industry, and launched a new exclusive architecture for home elevators in the villa elevator market - MHLA Architecture (Marohn TKE Home Lift Architecture). This innovation makes Marohn TKE home elevator have outstanding performance in operation effect, operation reliability, green energy saving and operation comfort.

The Xaar Media brand selection, adhering to the three principles of authority, objectivity and fairness, is user-centered and deeply explores the voice of the user, lasting for a long time with a wide range of influence.

The fact that Marohn TK Elevator was able to win two awards fully demonstrated its strong brand recognition and product innovation ability. In the future, Marohn TK  Elevator will take this as a driving force to contribute more to China's urbanization construction!
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