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Major Projects in Liuzhou

China ASEAN (Liuzhou) Tourism Food Industrial Park project is located in Yufeng District, is one of the major projects in Liuzhou City. The total planned land area is 402 acres, the total planned construction area is 310,000 square meters, the main construction of standard factory buildings, complex buildings and equipment rooms and other ancillary works, with a total investment of 980 million yuan.

The largest food industry park in Liuzhou

The industrial park is based on the leading enterprises of Bright Group, utilizing Guangxi sugar resource advantages to develop the deep processing of sugar industry food, and plans to introduce more than 200 food production enterprises to create the largest food industrial park in Liuzhou City. At present, the snail powder industry is utilizing the brand influence and aggregation effect to actively develop Liuzhou specialty food and promote the construction of a snail powder whole industry chain integrating R&D, display, e-commerce, express logistics, tourism and sightseeing functions.

MTF series products fit the needs of industrial parks in multiple scenarios

The industrial park undertakes the work of production and manufacturing of enterprises, and the frequent exchange of goods, with the characteristics of large total volume and large weight, which puts forward higher standard requirements for vertical transportation elevators. The whole series of MTF products of Manlong Ti Rise Elevator responds to improve the efficiency of logistics delivery in a timely manner, doubles the strong mechanical structure and strengthens the design of car, reduces vibration and noise while realizing high-precision weighing, and carries all kinds of goods with strength to satisfy the demand for heavy-duty cargo transportation in different scenarios of industrial parks.
The construction of major projects is related to the overall situation of economic and social development, and is an important hand in promoting stable economic growth. In the future, with the industry-leading strength and rich solutions for industrial parks, Marohn TK Elevator will continue to make greater contributions to the construction and development of modern industrial parks!

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